Terminale Ferroviario


Mercitalia Rail is the leading railway company in Italy for freight transport and logistics and is one of the leading operators in Europe. It ensures the mobility of large quantities of goods in Italy and abroad every day, using conventional and combined transport techniques.


Rail Traction Company was founded for the development of freight traffic along the Brenner axis, but the years to follow were marked by important transitions that saw RTC often pioneering new technical solutions. In addition to marble, it also allows us to have widespread traffic in iron rolls.


Ambrogio Trasporti is one of the most established Italian intermodal transport companies in the national and international market. We offer transportation solutions that combine innovative technologies with efficient and reliable services.


Sidergas ranks among the largest European producers of welding wire for steel, aluminum …, whose high quality is recognized and confirmed by the most important international certification bodies.

Verona Stone District

Verona Stone District is the district that brings together companies that process, transform and lay stone, marble, granite and agglomerates from all over the world.

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